xAPI Consulting

Looking for accurate reporting and data on learning? Riptide is a pioneer of xAPI and we can help you provide a better learning experience in the classroom, and on-the-go, through meaningful reporting and analytics.

Report on Learning...Like a Boss

Learning is happening everywhere. That can be from internal documents (Sharepoint), videos hosted on the internet, social media, etc. xAPI allows you to capture all of this learning (from all of your learners) to see how people are learning, and where they are learning.

Say Goodbye to False Negatives

The process of systems integration used to be very technical, time-consuming, and costly. With Riptide - this process is simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

Say Hello to Easy Implementation

xAPI is easy to begin using - let us show you how! As one of the founders of xAPI, we make reaping the benefits of meaningful learner data simple and headache-free.

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