Systems Integration

Trying to get all of your business systems connected to share valuable learner data? Nearly all software systems have the ability to easily connect to other systems. At Riptide, system integration (API Connectivity) is our bread and butter!

Connect to any Learning Management System

There are thousands of LMS's on the learning market. Luckily, our staff at Riptide is familiar with most of them (even proprietary)! We can help you go from requirements and discovery, through setup and implementation of your LMS or Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

Simple, Quick, Budget-Friendly Integrations

The process of systems integration used to be very technical, time-consuming, and costly. With Riptide - this process is simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

Connect to Other Business Systems

Trying to connect your entire learning ecosystem? We can securely connect to your entire instructional system design including proprietary LMS', human performance systems, sales data, human resource systems, and other 3rd party systems.

Improve Learner Experience and Effectiveness

When you integrate your systems with Storepoints Learning Record Store (LRS), you can get data from learning happening everywhere. You can use this data to improve the experience, and effectiveness of your training.

How Your Connected Business Should Look After Riptide System Integration

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