Storepoints Overview

Storepoints Learning Record Store (LRS) helps unlock the full potential of your learning data. Determine the most effective learning for your staff, improve your learning program, and gain the data to tell a compelling talent development story around training impact. With Storepoints as your learning technology foundation, you can take your evaluation to an entirely new level.


Track Learning Happening Anywhere, Anytime

All types of learning can be tracked wherever and whenever it happens with Storepoints, including: eLearning, self-directed, instructor-led, blended, microlearning, internal business/knowledge portals and apps, and anything else you use for your training program with a digital activity stream. All of this data can be viewed in user-friendly, insightful dashboards.

Connect Learning to On-the-Job Performance

Find out if your training is affecting on-the-job performance through real-time dashboards, and easily distribute learning reports and data visualizations to colleagues and stakeholders.

Start Using Adaptive eLearning

Create workflows and rules based on learning activity analytics to automate learning tracks to the individual's learning needs and/or comprehension levels.

100% Compatible With All Digital Data

Storepoints works with all learning management systems (LMS) and other enterprise systems such as HRIS, TMS, PMS, EHR, and more. We pride ourselves in being master integrators.

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