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What is TRYxAPI?

Many software companies offer open source that is only partially working so they can drive you to their proprietary offering. Not us. is an open source resource hosted and maintained by Riptide to help drive xAPI adoption. You can also find resources to help you get starting working in xAPI. We have open sourced all of our xAPI work.

Did you know that companies around the world are using xAPI? You can find real case studies and resources to create similar successful results. We try to be sure all of our resources are according to the community drive spec. Discover working xAPI case studies.

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The xAPI effort is community-based . Find out how you can join Riptide as part of the ADL's growing xAPI community here . There are weekly and bi-weekly calls you can participate in to express concerns and get support in working with the new specifications.
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What is xAPI?

The Experience API (xAPI) is a format for recording experiences. It can track actions such as reading an article, answering a question, or watching a training video. xAPI was designed to address gaps in the existing SCORM standard, such as offline training and mobile training accessed outside of a web browser. It is easily readable by humans and computers and allows for simple integration and interoperability between disparate systems. The Experience API is supported and recommended by the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Education.

Resources from Riptide Learning


This document describes the use of default xAPI verbs and activities to instrument the Riptide Elements courseware product. The purpose of this effort is to provide a baseline or default of xAPI enabled reporting, regardless of context. This default instrumentation of courseware features is to aid rapid authoring and production of content that provides a reporting value in summative evaluation and measure of competencies. Clients and projects created with the product may and at times should, extend in context as needed or desired using xAPI extensions.

LRS validator and load testor

This project tests an LRS for basic requirements and is based on the ADL testing requirements documents found here. It also tests the core requirements of version 1.0.1, but it is not meant for a production or for comprehensive testing.

JavaScript client for working with xAPI and Elements LRS

Other Resources:

The Training and Learning Architecture (TLA) encompasses a set of standardized Web service specifications and Open Source Software (OSS) designed to create a rich environment for connected training and learning... The TLA capability supports ADL's Next Generation Learning Environment research and development strategy and is laying the foundation for the future Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL).


Our Ongoing work with ADL Co-Lab

Riptide is participating in Research and Development efforts with ADL - (REAPER) ADL Co-Lab Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) - Data Mining Live Training Ranges. With REAPER proof of principle, the intention is that DoD service agencies will benefit from a training results repository that supports a wide array of analysis focused on live fire training. Additionally, trainees will receive relevant and timely feedback of not only detailed training records, but also automated identification of trends based on their results, and access to corrective or remedial, mobile-enabled IMI delivered on-demand. Finally, REAPER will automate BRM10 scorecard results directly to the reporting system rather than the current manual input.

Currently, each soldier's individual scorecard result is manually input. In addition to the ongoing REAPER project, Riptide participates with the ADL leadership and community at the national and international PAL integration discussions with other DoD agencies and PAL planning efforts, including visibility and dialogue with other PAL BAA initiatives.

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