Why Riptide?

The Riptide Advantage

Riptide has helped many corporate and government learning programs succeed

1.  Content Is King

We understand that e-learning is a fine art as well as an instructional design discipline. If your goal is to reach and teach a specific audience (or demographic), our award-winning multimedia development has been compared to the best of the best.

2.  Instructional Designers & Subject Matter Experts

Experts are the kind of people you don't just run into every day. Our on-staff instructional designers and subject matter experts bring years of real-world experience to your program. And we've got the right relationships in the industry. Knowing when to engage outside help to get the facts straight is an important part of our success and yours.

3.  Mobile & Next-Generation Learning Environments

There's no better time than right now to get into the mobile learning environment. Now is the time to leave your competitors in the dust with a mobile deliverable. If you want to provide better inspiration or know-how to get more out of your training budget, we can give you that extra momentum today.

4.  A Diverse Company of Engineers

Riptide's products and solutions are working every day in many industries. Over 85% of our staff is made up of code writing software engineers. We are extremely productive and by working with us you can already be where many of your peers and competition are trying to get.

5.  We are a Loyal and Capable Partner

Our consultative approach works for the benefit of you and your company. Take the opportunity to meet us and we will find ways to address your e-learning needs. As a diverse software company, our clients commonly find that we can help in multiple ways.

6.  Unmatched Program Quality

Leveraging the latest technology and high-end media, our training has the power to effectively educate and affect behavior. Deliver top shelf interactive exercises and simulations that can even be based on real events.

7.  Recognized Market-Tested Expertise

Riptide is a leader and innovator in the technology marketplace and we are constantly recognized and awarded in multiple industries.

8.  Proven ROI Training

Riptide e-learning solutions have provided our clients with a reduction in cost and an increase in profits. We can work within your budget to increase your ROI.

9.  Targeted Solutions on Subjects that Matter

Our focus is on developing courses and topics that address your most important training needs.

10.  Robust & Stable Technology

We're invested in delivering a smooth and stable experience for learners and training administrators, as well as the security and accuracy of your completion data. For clients who need to host courses internally, we can integrate our programs into a wide variety of platforms, specifications, and technologies.

Our Experience Is Your Success!

Riptide uses the latest technology and instructional design best practices to help you stay in front of the wave. We've worked with our clients to deliver engaging learning and successful communications since 2004. If you can dream it, we can build it!