CLIENT: University of Southern California | 2015 Higher Education

The Challenge:

Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT). Identify new techniques used by successful military instructors in the delivery of live classroom material. Implement distance learning strategies to emulate successful classroom training.

The Solution:

With our configurable learning platform, Elements, we were able to offer the framework and techniques to deliver this courseware to USC. We used techniques that are then mapped to core enabling technologies (like virtual humans, branching videos, and interactive exercises) that are incorporated into the design and development of engaging virtual and distributed learning (DL) applications.

CVIT is Riptide Elements deployed to the AWS Government Cloud. The course includes the Elements Courseware/LRS and Reporting and Analytics services. The content is highly interactive, the form factor requirements are for tablet and larger, and works on all modern mobile web browsers including IE9 and above.

  • Authentication / Authorization
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Course Hosting & Delivery
  • Learning Record Store

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