Advanced Distributed Learning

Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) | 2013 Higher Education | Security

The Challenge:

Automated training ranges are run with proprietary systems that store data in their own unique format. At many ranges the training data is not easily accessible after the training event, and the data does not make it out of the remote location. A proof of principle was needed to allow different audiences in the training community to view and evaluate the training data. Students, coaches, and researchers have a need to get at training results to help gauge and improve training.

The Solution:

Riptide developed a solution to map the data from the proprietary training range software to xAPI statements, which were then stored in an LRS (Learning Record Store). This mapping allowed the raw xAPI data to be put into a relational database and queried to produce powerful data visualizations. Riptide used Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) to mine the data as it was received and look for key patterns in performance.

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Learning Record Store

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