xAPI vs SCORM – Which is Better to Track Digital Learning?

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The Ultimate Guide to xAPI

Experience API (xAPI) – The Ultimate Guide

Throughout the years, we’ve spoken with clients and prospects who have come from a variety of backgrounds when it comes to their understanding of the Experience API (xAPI). The knowledge we’ve seen ranges from knowing almost nothing about xAPI, but … Read More

xAPI Higher Education

xAPI In Higher Education – It’s Happening In The UK

It is happening again. The UK is showing America we stumbled on something good and they are helping improve it. American guitarist and songwriter, Joe Walsh, confesses that it was the Rolling Stones and others in the UK who showed … Read More

xapi resources

8 Resources That Will Help You Learn About xAPI

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xapi infographics

From Around The Web: 6 Interesting Infographics on xAPI

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xAPI Data, Information, and Insights

Why xAPI Data, Information, and Insights Are Not The Same

Data and analytics have been a hot topic. Not just in the Learning & Development industry, but other industries as well. Big data and analytics have exploded in the Marketing realm; and for good reason. Having a holistic view and … Read More

What is xAPI

What is xAPI (Experience API)? A Complete Overview

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xAPI Case Studies

4 Critical Learning and Development Case Studies for Experience API (xAPI)

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xAPI LRS Conformance Test

xAPI LRS Conformance – Why Should You Care?

Just recently, the LRS Conformance Test Suite for the Experience API (xAPI) was released, marking an important moment for the future of all learning technology. Riptide’s Learning Division Director, Nick Washburn, recently wrote an article for Learning Solutions that covers a more … Read More

CVIT xAPI Program

Using xAPI For Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT)

Riptide has completed the Captivating Virtual Instruction for Training (CVIT) project for the University of Southern California (USC), Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT). USC are leaders in artificial intelligence, graphics, virtual reality (VR,) and narrative advance low-cost immersive techniques and technologies to … Read More