learning analytics

3 types of learning analytics

3 Types of Learning Analytics – An Introduction

Using analytics for learning and development is quickly gaining traction in usage and popularity. This is especially true for large and enterprise organizations. Having the ability to gain data and meaningful insights from learning activities helps organizations improve not only … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to xAPI

Experience API (xAPI) – The Ultimate Guide

Throughout the years, we’ve spoken with clients and prospects who have come from a variety of backgrounds when it comes to their understanding of the Experience API (xAPI). The knowledge we’ve seen ranges from knowing almost nothing about xAPI, but … Read More

learning analytics job market

What’s the Current Job Market for Learning Analytics Professionals?

A giant is awakening in the world of learning analytics and data science. As technology like machine learning matures, and the organizational demand for big data skills continues to flourish, learning analytics professionals with skills in big data and data … Read More

Learning analytics infographic

[Infographic] The Learning Analytics Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology

Adopting a new technology or process can sometimes seem overwhelming. We like to enable our clients to adopt learning analytics and xAPI by making it simple. This learning analytics infographic is how we typically go about this approach. … Read More

Learning Analytics Methodology

The Crawl, Walk, Run Methodology for Adopting Learning Analytics and xAPI

Most of the time, complex tasks are best approached in bite-sized pieces. In our 20 plus year history, Riptide Software has developed and delivered complex distributed software, managed implementations, and sustainment of these systems. It is very common for us to use … Read More

learning analytics obstacles

Learning Analytics Obstacles You Can Fix In 2018

A fundamental instructional design process model followed in L&D is Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE). The “E” stands for formative and summative Evaluation. In this stage we are supposed to be able to ask a few questions, such … Read More