What is SCORM?

What is SCORM? The 5 Minute Essential Overview

In its most basic form, SCORM is a collection of technical standards and specifications for e-learning. It stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and was originally designed to enable interoperability between types of e-learning content on Learning Management Systems … Read MoreRead More

3 Levels of Gamification

The 3 Levels of Gamification for Corporate Learning

The thinking of “gamifying” learning and learning content has been a buzz topic in recent years. For some, gamification means taking pieces of learning content, or learning topics, and turning them into games where users can “Learn by Playing.” Gamification … Read More

Measure learning by design

How To Begin Measuring Learning By Design

This may or may not surprise you – but there is a disconnect when it comes to business managers requesting training, and training professionals actually delivering the training. Part of this disconnect lies in the learning function’s uphill battle with … Read More

e learning organizational impact

5 Ways e-Learning Will Impact Your Organization

With the constant rise of technology, many businesses have tossed the traditional pen-to-paper means of training to the side and adopted modern e-Learning concepts. There are many key and impactful benefits associated with e-Learning, and companies that use it will recognize, … Read More

Reasons to Use e-Learning

5 Critical Reasons to Use e-Learning in Your Organization

One of the first questions you can ask a business is, “How much time do you devote to training in your organization?” and then, “What portion of that is e-learning?” Most answer sharing goals to expand, improve, or just get … Read More

Choosing an LMS

3 Criteria for Choosing an LMS for Maximum ROI

I was once involved in a yearlong search for a 3rd party Learning Management System (LMS) that would fit my budget and business requirements. My search ended in a business decision to develop our own. If LMS is core to your business, i.e. you are … Read More

e learning flash

What is the Future of Flash for E-Learning?

Today, I got a look at the  Adobe Flash Plugin road-map which provides some insight into the future of Flash run-times. The Flash Player has become the standard of delivery for e-learning content over the past 10 years because most of … Read More