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What is SCORM?

What is SCORM? The 5 Minute Essential Overview

In its most basic form, SCORM is a collection of technical standards and specifications for e-learning. It stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and was originally designed to enable interoperability between types of e-learning content on Learning Management Systems … Read MoreRead More

Corporate Learning Technology Buy in

Corporate Learning Technology – 3 Steps to Get Buy-In

Like any business function, whether it be accounting, marketing, business development, or sales, it’s important to stay on the cutting-edge of the skills and tools you need to successfully do your job. We constantly say it, but only because it’s … Read More

Train Employees On New Software

Training Employees on New Software – What’s the Best Way?

Asking employees to learn a new software can be a tricky ordeal. Depending on the software complexity, employees may not be thrilled to take time out of their daily grind to learn a new set of tools to do their … Read More