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Riptide Learning Google Cardboard

Riptide Learning and Google Cardboard – New Partnership

Riptide Learning works tirelessly with trusted partners and business customers to create successful education and training tools of all kinds Google has a conference every year aptly called “Google I/O”, where creative developers and thinkers gather together to collectively creative what might

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Localization for Learning and Development

4 Insights Into Localization for Learning and Development

Localization improves user experience and having your content localized helps you to tailor content to learners by using their colloquialisms and avoiding any cultural sensitivities. Google Translate Doesn’t Work Google translate may not work for many years to provide the

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xAPI Camp San Francisco

xAPI Camp San Francisco – What We Learned

I was asked to present at the first xAPI camp of 2016 on behalf of Elements team on the advantages of using a centralized Learning Record Store (LRS) within an enterprise learning ecosystem using xAPI. Whether you are new to the specification

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