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Official Launch of

The Official Launch of

Last month, Riptide Software participated in the most well attended xAPI event to-date and it happened here in Orlando. Many vendors and service providers who’ve been working with the Experience API for a long time were invited by Aaron Silvers &

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Does Your LMS Lack a CRM? Try Connecting to Salesforce

Businesses today are not locked into software solutions. Organizations can consider offerings like cloud services, or “Software as a service” (SaaS) models and products. is a SaaS that allows easy integration between Salesforce and other applications, like your LMS

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xAPI Best Practices

xAPI Best Practices – Client Side Error Handling

The Riptide Elements team has recently implemented some platform solutions around building and storing xAPI statements with respect to our course ware. The primary issue was: what should happen when attempting to store an xAPI statement with an error or client connection

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Choosing an LMS

3 Criteria for Choosing an LMS for Maximum ROI

I was once involved in a yearlong search for a 3rd party Learning Management System (LMS) that would fit my budget and business requirements. My search ended in a business decision to develop our own. If LMS is core to your business, i.e. you are

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