L&D New Years Resolutions

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2018 is here and with the New Year comes the opportunity for fresh starts…or does it? The truth is, any point in the year is a good time to press your “reset” button and put your best foot forward. Mentally, the New Year just makes this easier to do (and a fresh budget doesn’t hurt).

You may have a few key goals for your L&D department this year and we’d love to hear about them in the comments below! From an enablement perspective, we’ve come up with 2 New Year’s resolutions for L&D that we think should be somewhere on your list for this year:

Work to align L&D with the business as a whole

You may already be doing this, and this may already be part of your day-to-day work. If it is – that’s great! We’d love for you to share in the comments what you’re doing to align your department’s goals with the rest of the business. But if not, you can start with small steps to make this happen.

Work to align L&D with the business

We are firm believers in gaining alignment with key stakeholders of the business to prove how L&D is making an impact. The first small step to help make this happen is through understanding the business goals that you can help affect. Is it revenue, turnover, productivity, something else? Once you understand the business goals you can affect, the next thing you can do is implement learning analytics for your 1 or 2 top pieces of content or systems that harness data which could help tell the L&D story around business impact. We’ve helped clients gain data as simple as pulling more information from their LMS and evaluating it. Organizations that are taking learning analytics seriously are consistently monitoring their reports and data visualizations for trends and discovering ways to move the needle. Our clients are doing just this with Storepoints Learning Record Store. If you start with these small steps now, by the end of the year you should have enough data to articulate a clear story around how your training program is working to contribute to the goals of the business.

Stay up-to-date with new technology and trends

New technology to enable and push forward the L&D industry comes out every year. It can be overwhelming trying to stay up-to-date with EVERYTHING newly available. Our rule of thumb tends to be technologies and trends that have proven success through case studies should make their way to the top of the radar. As a company, Riptide works to enable L&D through learning analytics that are powered by xAPI. This technology has been proven and you can find (or request) case studies and client testimonials about the ways xAPI-powered analytics have revolutionized the way L&D works with the rest of the business and improves their departments.

Stay up to date with L&D technology

It doesn’t hurt to experiment with new methods, and can be helpful to write down 3 technologies/trends for the year that you’d like to stay up-to-date on, and spend some time researching the capabilities. We have recommended to all of our clients and prospects that they do a simple proof of concept with us when evaluating our learning analytics capabilities for their L&D program. This allows us to prove that the technology works the way they had in mind, and gives our prospects buy-in empowerment.


If learning analytics are on your 2018 roadmap – we’d love to talk about small steps you can take to reach your ultimate implementation goal: Contact Us Here

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