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3 types of learning analytics

3 Types of Learning Analytics – An Introduction

Using analytics for learning and development is quickly gaining traction in usage and popularity. This is especially true for large and enterprise organizations. Having the ability to gain data and meaningful insights from learning activities helps organizations improve not only

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xAPI compliance

The Value of xAPI in High-Consequence Industries

The excitement around xAPI has grown steadily in the Learning and Development community. The xAPI specification provides learning practitioners a never-before seen view into student behaviors and a common language to tie those behaviors to performance on the job. Unfortunately,

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What is SCORM?

What is SCORM? The 5 Minute Essential Overview

In its most basic form, SCORM is a collection of technical standards and specifications for e-learning. It stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and was originally designed to enable interoperability between types of e-learning content on Learning Management Systems … Read More

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The Ultimate Guide to xAPI

Experience API (xAPI) – The Ultimate Guide

Throughout the years, we’ve spoken with clients and prospects who have come from a variety of backgrounds when it comes to their understanding of the Experience API (xAPI). The knowledge we’ve seen ranges from knowing almost nothing about xAPI, but

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training and development KPI

Meaningful Business KPIs for Learning and Development

Key performance indicators (KPIs) run the business world. Whether you’re measuring sales, cost, time, or something else, the closer that these KPIs come to impacting the business, the more valuable they are to key stakeholders. This is an important consideration

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