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Elements makes eLearning easier through enabling, behavior-focused learning technology that provides insightful analytics, walk-through software training, and eLearning courseware development.

Learning Record Store (LRS)

Connect Your Training to Organizational Performance

Track and analyze learning activities happening anywhere. Draw direct lines to competencies, and adapt your learning to enhance effectiveness and prove measurable organizational impact.

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Riptide Elements is a learning analytics technology product line designed for the enterprise learning environment

"Riptide's Elements is one of the best examples of what is possible with xAPI.

It is a solution that can create truly device agnostic learning content that is interactive and engaging. The content can also be tracked and measured in ways not possible with a traditional LMS."

- David Wentworth

Principal Learning Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Riptide Elements is a learning technology product line designed for the enterprise learning environment. All Elements products can be tailored exclusively for your ecosystem and scaled to accommodate any size organization. They are non-disruptive and work seamlessly with your organization's existing (or new) software systems (LMS, HRIS, TMS, PMS, etc.) to offer some of the best training insights on the market today.

500,000+ Users, in 92 Countries, in 32 Languages

Storepoints LRS implementations have 20,000,000 xAPI statements and counting.

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