Inline Software Training

Reimagine Your Outdated Software Training

Waypoints provides an in-line software training experience so that users can learn by doing. You can deliver training that matches the latest version of the software, gain powerful insights, and prove the competency level of each trainee.

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Learn By Doing

The Waypoints training overlay provides guided workflows with multiple levels of complexity from daily use to business or mission critical functions.

Competency Based Assessments

Listen for the correct use of the software during the assessment, tracking the the amount of steps and the time it takes to complete. Users prove they know the software by showing they can "produce the correct outcome."

Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Any type of instructional media including videos, quizzes, games, and more can be served within the Waypoints training experience to reinforce key concepts while learning the software.

Real-Time Contextual Help

Waypoints can be configured to offer contextual help right at the point of need. In-line help can guide the user to finish a process if they get stuck.

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