Learning Record Store (LRS)

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Learning Data

Storepoints Learning Record Store (LRS) helps L&D leaders unlock the full potential of their learning data. With Storepoints as your learning technology foundation, you can do things you previously only wished were possible.

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Track Learning Everywhere

All types of learning can be tracked wherever and whenever it happens with xAPI, including: eLearning, self-directed, ILT, blended, microlearning, internal business/knowledge portals and apps, and anything with a digital activity stream (IOT, VR, etc.)

Connect Learning to Performance

Connect learning activity data streams to your Business Intelligence (BI) tools or implement our BI software that allows analysts to mine data and distribute reports and data visualizations to stakeholders.

Implement Adaptive Learning

Create rules based on xAPI learning activity data to actively adapt learning to the individual's needs or competencies.

100% Enterprise Integration Success Rate

Storepoints works will all types of enterprise systems including your LMS, HRIS, TMS, PMS, and more.

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