Adaptive Learning Courseware

Deliver a Modern Learning Experience on Any Device

Learnpoints interactive multimedia instructor allows the combining of modern concepts like adaptive learning, gamification, interactive video, advanced assessment strategies, badging and achievements, and more.

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Unsurpassed Configuration Options

The most configurable learning courseware on the market giving you the option to deliver your courses exactly how you dream them up including: course hosting & delivery, complex branching scenarios, assessments, externally sourced content, and more.

Any Device, Any Language

Deliver learning content to your employees in any language and on any device: mobile, tablet, or computer.

Interactive Multimedia Instruction

All 3 levels of interactive multimedia content are supported by Learnpoints including Gamification, Video, Quizzes, and other activities.

Advanced Learning Analytics

Paired with Storepoints LRS, Learnpoints allows you to take your learning data well beyond just completions, including the ability of tracking and understanding the learner’s behavior.

Admin & Learner Portals

Learnpoints can be configured to provide seamless Learner/Administrator portals with integrated portal views into an LMS or other enterprise systems.

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