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Riptide uses only the latest and greatest technologies in the ELEMENTS framework including HTML5, CSS3, iOS, Android, and other cutting-edge tools.

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ELEMENTS Courseware Framework

Any Device | Any Language | Mobile Web | Browser-Based | On-Demand | Gaming & Simulation

Learning on any device, any language


  • ANY DEVICE, ANY LANGUAGE for easy distribution of content including Latin-based, Cyrillic, multi-byte characters, and Arabic
  • VIDEO EMBEDDING allows for video instruction to be placed directly into your e-learning courses
  • EASY UPDATE OF NEW DOCTRINE ensures users are always seeing the most current version
  • ROBUST ASSESSMENTS mean quizzes can be graded or non-graded, learners can view policies and attest, and all data can be reported back to your organization

  • CONVERT LEGACY (FLASH) TRAINING to the ELEMENTS framework allowing distribution of training materials to any device
  • SECURE e-learning framework allows for Local Area Networking, secure logins, and hosting of your Learning Management System
  • SCORM REPORTING STANDARDS include SCORM 1.2, 2004, AICC, Experience API, Tin Can, Learning Record Store
  • SCENARIOS, INTERACTIVE GAMES allow for graphic novel-type branching scenarios giving trainees the ability to learn from mistakes made in the safety of a game


Riptide is and has always been a custom software and technology company. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless clients to deliver award-winning, engaging learning opportunities and software to trainees and learners of all kinds— corporate or organizational, behavioral, critical training initiatives, or awareness-driven. Your institution will have all the latest learning and instructional tools it needs to successfully train or educate your team on any subject.  Schedule a demo of our products and capabilities today.

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